If you are wondering what Brace First means or if it has a meaning at all, Yes it does have a meaning.  Brace first was initially going to be called Brace yourself until a couple of the board members put their brains together and made it into something that everyone could relate to.  The overall meaning of Brace first is to have clear understanding and awareness of what you may be going through at this moment.  You will not be able to get through a situation if you do not take the necessary steps and precautions to make things a little simpler than what they seem.  These measures should be taken first, when the event initially occurs. If you have ever been overwhelmed, or ambushed by life unexpectedly then you would understand the meaning of each letter in the word BRACE.


BREATHE  (The first thing you should do once you are put in an unfamiliar position. This typically helps keep              someone from making an irrational decision and from becoming anxious.)


REFLECT (The second thing you should do after breathing, which helps you to evaluate the situation and it only takes a second to find out exactly what is going on.)


ASK FOR HELP (The third thing you should do after Breathing, and Reflecting.  By this time you should know if this is something you can fix or get through alone, or if you have to reach out to someone or find resources)


CONCENTRATE (The fourth thing you should do after Breathing, Reflecting and asking for help.  By this time you are able to concentrate on getting through this situation and keep in mind those who said that they would help you, find ways to help yourself as well.)


EDUCATE YOURSELF (Finally, this is the last thing that you would do after Breathing, Reflecting, Asking for help and Concentrating.  This is the final step because by this time you have realized what you are going through, you have asked for help, and you have concentrated on ways to help yourself, and ways that you can help others understand your situation so that they can assist you.  Now is the time that you Educate yourself on your current transition and Educate yourself on how it happened, and how to avoid it from happening, or if it is something permanent, Educate yourself or your family on how you will have to live with it. Don't give up, keep pushing on and just know that every situation in life is a learning experience, whether it is Temporary or Permanent.