We are a Non-profit, (501c3), Nonpolitical & Non-religious organization; meaning that we are here to assist the general public from all walks of life no matter what their background is. Brace First was innovated to help educate the community, and help prevent poverty, while also promoting cultural values, increased self esteem and self awareness. Our sole Mission, is to aid families and individuals of the community, by helping them cope with their transitions in life to an unexpected position.


Brace First, Inc. was established on August 01, 2018 in Fayetteville, North Carolina- Cumberland County USA.

They have come together as a team in previous times such as volunteering with the American Red Cross during disaster relief, helping prepare the students for back to school in August of 2018, also during Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas in the September - October 2018 Period, and a few other times that people of the community have done testimonials for.  Brace First, Is currently still striving to do more in the community although they are a fairly new Organization.   Brace first has 5 Dedicated Board of Directors and 4 additional members, and various ongoing volunteers; whom come together each month in hopes of and with the desire to reach their goals and mission for the community.